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EPG Australia was created because I believe every girl experiencing puberty between the ages 8-12 has the right to adequate support and education.

The age of puberty has dropped in the last century by up to 5 years with increasing numbers of girls now experiencing puberty in Primary School. This is at the same time they are learning to read, write, multiply, form friendships and develop their talents.

The mental health impacts of Early Puberty are well researched, and concerning. Research has shown that poor mental health experiences in adolescence last 4-6 years longer for girls who have their first period aged 8-11, than aged 12 and above.

EPG Australia is actively advocating for policy change within Health and Education as these girls are missed in youth policy and women’s health policy. Yet essentially, this is the beginning of their women’s health journey.

EPG Australia aims to provide a network for Families, Educators, and Medical and Allied Health Professionals, to support these girls through Primary School and beyond.

‘Menarche, the onset of menstruation, is an often-overlooked indicator in public health, yet, it is the key developmental marker of a girl’s healthy transition from childhood into young adulthood, and an important clinical indicator of a girls’ physical, nutritional, and reproductive health. Menarche marks the beginning of a girl’s reproductive life and has important implications for adolescent sexual and reproductive health outcomes.’

Ibitoye, Choi, Tai, Lee & Sommer, 2017

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